Mindless political / human ramblings that Benadryl insists I post.

Somehow I am running three hours behind in my day but I really wanted to say something about the migrant column of people heading towards the US.
I do not believe it is appropriate, I do believe that due process is a thing and needs to be followed. I mean basically they are mounting a small scale invasion.
I have been reading articles as they are posted in sources other than USA* sources and I see all of these groups offering them comfort and aid and the Mexican government has offered to help them and let them find a way to become Mexican citizens. Everyone wants to help except the USA government. It’s a humanitarian issue, not an immigration issue in my opinion. That’s all.

*I was reading something a while ago that talked about the arrogance of people from the USA that we don’t even bother saying our country’s name correctly. We say America, which, you know there is more than one America. North America is a continent, not a country. There are countries in South America. We also shorten USA to US, United States…well there are a bunch of those as well. So I am trying to train myself to think more globally when I speak about my country. I love the country that we created, I hope we find a path.


2 thoughts on “Mindless political / human ramblings that Benadryl insists I post.

  1. Anymore, I am always behind on my day in the morning.

    I can’t imagine what it would be like to live in a place with violence and poverty and not have any job opportunities. I can’t even imagine what those poor people think they are coming to. Do they know that their children might be taken away from them and put in cages.(is our government still doing that?) I can’t believe anyone would take that journey unless they are terribly desperate.

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