More food talk. Sort of.

On my list of things I would like to know how to cook is something that doesn’t really appear to be a thing.

1. I love gummies

2. I keep hearing that people are taking a teaspoon of honey every night for better sleep and health

3. I love to keep these next to my bed and if I wake up in the middle of the night I pop one in my mouth to suck on and fall asleep;

I was thinking maybe I could combine all of these things into a homemade honey candy.  I could make my own camomile concentrate or it’s probably available to buy, to add to it. Maybe some Valerian or St Johns wort as well.

I have found some honey gummie recipes, but I think they’re more like jello jigglers than true gummies. I have also found honey taffy recipes but they have added sugar which I don’t want.

Just something to think about



2 thoughts on “More food talk. Sort of.

  1. It’s kind of tricky to use honey in candy because it attracts moisture, but I think there’s a recipe for everything out there! The recipes I have call for sugar and corn syrup and agar. I made some with pectin once and wasn’t happy with them.

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