More Nonsensical Typing

Going to try this for my arms and fingers:

I can find absolutely no actual evidence that it works, in fact every objective study I can find says it doesn’t. But, eh. I met a woman last night at my sisters fundraiser who is a physical therapist and works on hands. She and I were talking about this. I know it’s also widely used by certain massage therapists. The PT works close to me and said I can schedule an appointment to try it as an ala carte service, with no insurance or referral and it would only cost me $15.00. I think I will try it on one arm and hand and be my own trial.

I am starting to feel much better than I did. I don’t know why that last chemo hit me so very hard but I was mighty miserable. It did cross my mind that when I stopped drinking vodka I started feeling really bad and yesterday I went back on the vodka and made up for at least a couple of days of not drinking and today I feel much better. Hmmm. I also understand how people get addicted to pills. I have such an arsenal of medication at my disposal now that it’s hard not to just grab a pill. One to make me peppy, one to make me numb (literally, not psychologically) one to make me sleep.

I am back on the anti-biotics for another round. ๐Ÿ™ I am also getting yet another doctor. My oncologist wants me to see a pulmonologist ย (spell check wants me to change that paleontologist)ย . I refused a couple of years ago when my beloved GP suggested it, but I guess it’s time. Yay.

Corey is positive what I really need is an oxygen tank. Oh that Corey.

I had stories to tell you but somehow I have forgotten everything I had to say. So I guess I will leave you and go figure out how to make ringtones with iTunes instead. ๐Ÿ™‚




1 thought on “More Nonsensical Typing

  1. I have to agree with Katy. Have at it!

    You need to feel well enough. If a couple of vodkas make you feel better and you don’t have any liver problems sounds like a good solution to me.

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