More Rainbows – Little bit of old rain

My daughter works at  She is a poster. So she actually lists items that others have picked out. This has been both a blessing and a curse for me.

I do not collect things. I like to own things that have a purpose and can be used.  My mom had a small collection of carnival glass, which I loved, which she left to me when she died. I have added to it, but only with extraordinarily inexpensive pieces. I buy mine at garage sales, or goodwill and then I use them around the house. I like things I can use.

I wanted a carnival glass butter dish because I need a butter dish and I thought it would be fun but I haven’t been able to find one. I told my daughter to keep an eye out. She found the bottom half of one, the top was either missing or got broken and she brought it to me at dinner last night. It’s very pretty and I will use it as a small try or maybe a cat dish. 🙂 She then mentioned that they had posted a bunch of carnival glass that day so I went and looked.


I must own it ALL!
I must own it ALL!


Isn’t it pretty! Here’s the thing. The shipping is really high. Like $12 to $15 a piece so for resellers the price gets to high. Well, if it’s in Toledo I don’t have to pay the shipping. So I think I might have bid on everything. Not much in terms of money, but geesh, I sure I don’t win all of them! I also big on a couple of pink depression glass things the other day.

Last night I went out to dinner at the Thai place with my kids. I think it was my first real meal since last weeks chemo. (Big old shout out to my Naturopath for that! I finally realized that I wasn’t following her advice on dosing during chemo with my glutamine so I started eating it like I eat jelly beans and within hours felt so much better. 20 & up grams a day when combating intestinal damage) I know, you’re thinking, but THAI food? I get pineapple fried rice with no spice. So basically, rice, soy sauce, cashews, a little bit of pineapple, tofu, and  a little green onion. Easy on the system. I am hoping that it all stays sitting well today because it is a beautiful day and I really want to go take a long solitary walk in the park this afternoon. I have been so very tired this week and I think the sun will do me lots and lots of good.

I don’t think I mentioned the results of my last CT for the clinical trial. Did I? It made me sad. I do not have any new tumors, so YAY, and the tumor in my left lung remained the same size, but the small tumor in my right lung doubled in size. I was very sad about that. I don’t know why it hadn’t occurred to me that while we were doing nothing they were probably growing. Do you know how often I think about my cancer? ummm, about every 15 minutes. It’s always there.



3 thoughts on “More Rainbows – Little bit of old rain

  1. I understand how likely something like Carnival glass can turn into an obsession. I am like that about some depression glass. I know nothing about how Carnival glass is made but would it be safe to use as a cat dish? Is there lead or something else weird that makes it those pretty colors? Maybe you already know the answer to that or maybe Corey does.

    Just an FYI, I recently read something about pineapple being a digestive stimulant. Most likely you didn’t eat enough to be a bother but just something to keep in mind. Finding that out helped me understand why I have so many problems with it. It wasn’t the fiber but some enzyme.

    That makes me sad, too. I am sorry. That must have been very difficult to hear. Damn cancer.

    1. I didn’t even think about the safety of the glass, I will check!
      Pineapple I was aware of. Many years ago I use to get steaks that used pineapple as the tenderizer. I always keep that in mind!

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