Morning chatter

I have a very busy week. Today is only a couple of phone calls though. Hopefully I will be able to take the puppy out for some good walking/training. It seems like it’s going to be a nice fall day.

i bought a little pie pumpkin to cook with. I have never used one. Now I have to find something to cook! I was wondering if I could do a slice, braise and bake, to get a pie taste with a squash texture.

i finally cowboyed up and called the oral surgeon. I have a consult tomorrow to look at getting one of my teeth pulled. It’s the very back molar on the top. They asked if I wanted to be knocked out, I don’t, but maybe I should? I have had teeth pulled and I am just thinking about the manipulation that will have to happen from that angle. I guess I will, decide during the consult.

i run on the treadmill every morning, just two miles, nothing big. Just enough to get my lungs working hard. I am off running until after my PET scan to try and avoid any false positives, and I was surprised by how much I miss it. It’s just such an energy boost. I tried walking two miles yesterday at a really high incline so at least my legs were getting a workout but I was so bored that I stopped at 1.5 mile.*

i keep looking up and see people I know on local news commercials this morning. Very strange.

oh! I just remembered, I do have plans today! But not until evening. Going to an art thing with my niece. Silly me.

i guess I better get out of bed.



*why is “mile” not in iPads dictionary? It’s  driving me a little batty.


8 thoughts on “Morning chatter

  1. I guess this is the year of the tooth! (Teeth, in my case.) I have only had one tooth pulled and I chose to be be out, even though it was much more expensive. My brother was kind enough to regale me with his his last tooth-pulling experience, lol, so I decided I couldn’t take it. Of course, I wouldn’t mind being knocked out for a cleaning! I read later that people tend to heal better without the memory of trauma to the tooth.

    I can sure sympathize with you; I have an appointment Oct 31 to have my third root canal done, and yesterday the tooth next to it (bottom last back molar) felt extra sharp and looks like either it chipped, too, or part of the massive filling in fell out. It does not feel good. Seeing the dentist for an assessment at 1:30 this afternoon. No matter what it is, it can’t be good. I asked if root canals were cheaper in bulk. 😉

    Glad you have something fun planned!

    1. OMG you poor thing! I think I had four root canals total before I said no more. Pull it, or find a way to fill it because I am just done paying for them.

  2. I personally would go with being knocked out for the dentist, but I have only ever had four teeth pulled, all of my wisdom teeth. And those were done two at a time, so it sucked twice as bad.

    As for the iPad dictionary, there is an easy fix here: If you ever have problems or questions about Apple products, feel free to hit me up, I have them all (MacBook Pro, iPone, iPad and Apple Watch) and would be happy to help 🙂

  3. I’m sorry about your bird, I don’t know who I will talk to now. I didn’t get knocked out for either of my back molars. They numb really well. It’s more them have to pull really hard, but it didn’t hurt. Bonus, mine flew all the to the wall, try and beat that.

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