Morning Glory!

Marijuana is not legally bought or sold in Ohio.

Last night my husband very quietly suggested that maybe it’s time I start looking into marijuana as a symptom reliever. My only problem with that is I wouldn’t know of any source that I could trust to give me nice clean weed and not some skank weed! I belong to three “support” groups on Facebook. One for cervical cancer, one for people going through chemo and one specifically for Stage IV cancer. Two of the three groups ban discussions of marijuana as a help for chemo. I left one group because of it. In some states marijuana as a recreational drugs is legal, in other it is legal as a medicine. Why in the world would the simple discussion of it be banned? I find that very offensive for some reason. Is it just me?

My chemo side effects are not debilitating but they are life style altering. I have a lot more nausea that I have had on any other chemo drug, and my internal digestive system is just ripped up now. Terrible, Terrible, Terrible. My neuropathy also continues to get worse. I have developed a new issue. My arms itch. Well, my right arm itches, my left arm is apparently encased in invisible 100% wool sleeve. That will mean nothing to you unless you are sensitive to wool, which I am. It is a terrible stingy itch. I believe is is a symptom of the neruropathy as well. I have found limited medical information on it, but I have found quite a bit of ancedotal iformation on other cancer forums. Wait – that reminds of someone else I wanted to say about pot. BRB – okay added it. I take Gabapentin (neurotin) for the neuropathy in my hands and feet and I have noticed that it also helps with the arms itching, so I think my conclusion is correct. I have been slowly upping my dose of gabapentin. I have only been taking 1/6 of the prescribed dose and it keeps my hands sensitive but definitely workable.

I had an echo-cardiogram last week. This is my second one. About 10 minutes in this echo became quite different. It suddenly became much more serious and much more probing. I am hoping that this is just because she was having trouble with my quiet heartbeat but I am suspicious that this is not the case.

I also have a PET scan on Tuesday to see what’s happening inside me. Again, hopeful.

Okay – enough medical talk  – onto someone else.

I am very excited to have my little party in October! Maybe it will be four people, maybe it will be forty! I have NO idea, and that’s okay! I am 100% sure my condo will look like we just moved in still! I do everything so slowly now. But again, that’s okay! I have such a funny variety of people that I like and I can’t wait to feel the feeling of having some of them in the same place. Yoga & workout people with nerdy gaming people, spiritual ministers with old friends and young acquaintances.  I will provide much cheap wine and beer and snacks and hope for some lovely lively fun! I may see if I can make a barricade and lock the beagle in the bedroom. Let her see over the top but not come out and wander, it will be too much stress for her.

My birthday was this week and I am buying a gift from my husband. I can’t tell you what it is yet but I told my daughter and she was so excited she took an afternoon off work so she could come get it with me! He is going to Mexico for a couple of weeks so I will surprise him when he gets home, then I will tell you. I am so very grateful for my daughter. She is always willing to share my joys and is always happy for me on the things that are important to me.

He is also going to England and Portugal next month. That would have been a good trip to go with him, except the timing would be very very bad. I just can’t seem to get it right.

Okay – I think we’re all caught up. On to another glorious 90F & 90% humidity day!






2 thoughts on “Morning Glory!

  1. I think that banning the discussion of mj is incredibly small minded and offensive. Some of those group discussion leaders have let being in charge of a little discussion group go to their head.

    The whole mj thing just irritates me to the core of my being. This is why in fantasyland in my head I have invented a medical procedure where a patient who is having pain goes to the doctor and plugs into the doctor and the doctor feels the pain of the sick person just like the sick person feels it. Then the doctor treats the patient. The doctor will be a whole lot more empathetic having experienced what the patient feels and will treat them more appropriately. Also, any legislator who would make laws against certain medicines has to plug in to feel how the patient feels without the medicine and how they would feel with the medicine. If the legislator won’t allow the medication then they have to live with that pain.

    I know I am a bit daffy but it infuriates me that mj has such a mixed status throughout the country. I think if the people who would keep others from using it for pain or discomfort had to live with that pain they may come to their senses.

    So when Rob was really sick and we thought he might not make it, a hospice lady came to visit. Pretty much right out of the box, in somewhat veiled terms, she offered him access to it. He was not interested in it so we never went farther so I had no idea how that would have happened.

    I will keep my fingers crossed the the echo was some sort of weird anomaly. Good luck with the PET scan tomorrow.

    Oh my I am so excited to hear what the gift is! Sounds like fun. I am glad you have such a wonderful daughter. It is nice to have that kind of support.

    This weather bites.

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