Morning has broken

I think I’m fighting off the plague. That is probably the reason for my blahs and sleepiness. I’m pretty sure I was running a low grade fever yesterday. Slept fitfully and then woke up this morning with most of the hearing in my right ear gone, my tongue swollen and covered in goo and crusty eyes after dreaming about a person named Alexis Rojos that I do not know.

 I will take all of my vitamins and minerals and supplements and workout this afternoon to hopefully sweat out any toxins.

As I was driving into work feeling blah the song Morning Has Broken played on my radio. That always makes me smile. Every morning is a new day, a new start.

Most mornings this time of year as I pull in the parking lot at work I also see a beautiful sunrise.


Enjoy you day. Unless you are the person who passed along this germ to me right before I am going out of town with my daughter, then you may go ahead and just have an average day.


3 thoughts on “Morning has broken

  1. It just stinks to be sick and what a shame right before your mother/daughter trip. I hope that it goes away very quickly.

    That is such a beautiful sunrise. I love to see the sunrise – it just comes too early for me. 😉

    I love that song – it really is a song of hope and renewal.

    Take care and feel better.

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