Movin’ on UP!

I am so excited about moving. Not just a little bit, a HUGE BIT! Really really excited.

I am very excited about two places that coincidentally turned out to be fairly close to each other:,pf_pt/condo,mobile,townhouse_type/34715836_zpid/34303_rid/2-_beds/50000-150000_price/188-563_mp/1200-2000_size/days_sort/41.781553,-83.282204,41.53274,-83.867226_rect/10_zm/



I haven’t been inside either so they could turn out to be horrible. But I really really love the tile on that first one! And built in shelves for Coreys 600 DVD’s. I go to sleep thinking about it. I wake in the middle of the night thinking about it, I think about it while I am mowing – okay that’s precognitive. I have to mow today and I am sure I will be thinking about it.

I checked crime reports in both neighborhoods and no crimes reported within miles for the last thirty days.

I think I have decided that I can get a place with carpeting if I promise myself to have it pulled and some kind of cleanable (beagle) flooring put down before I move in. It would be really hard because once I sign those papers I will want to move NOW.

I went for a walk in the neighborhood last night and I thought how nice it would be to walk on a flat street, ours peak in the middle and angle down to the curbless sides. I thought how nice it would be to not be walking by all the people with their pants an inch below their ass. I wonder if I could get a special dispensation for Sean and myself and move into an over 55 neighborhood!

I will miss sitting on my tiny front porch watching all the cars go by.

I meet with my realtor on Thursday and he better be ready to run with it!






6 thoughts on “Movin’ on UP!

  1. How exciting! A new beginning.

    The first one is so bright! That tile would be wonderful.

    How did the attic cleaning go?

    1. The attic cleaning was cathartic. Having someone else was the way to go. No sloppy sentimentality. That’s a huge weight off of both my ceiling and me.

  2. Wow, they are both very nice. I love looking at houses and seeing all the possibilities. I love the tile too. And the fireplace and shelves and stairway. It makes me think of a beach house, so light and bright. Great backyard. The other one I think would look a lot lighter and brighter with that green carpet gone. That one has a great deck and the loft is pretty neat. Good prices there too! The only town houses around here and less than half that size for twice as much money. I don’t blame you for being excited, I would be too! Oh! And know what’s nice about not having cars go by? You can sit outside in your robe at night or in the morning and nobody knows. haha.
    My dad owns a place in a FL over 55 park There you only have to have one person over 55. But probably rules are different everywhere. Something to check into tho.
    What an exciting adventure. Thanks for letting us share in it!

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