Had a very busy weekend.


My sister, my niece and I at the 2014 Toledo Color Run.
My sister, my niece and I at the 2014 Toledo Color Run.

On Sunday my husband and I spent a couple of hours wandering through the woods. That was very nice also. We went to a park that we don’t normally go to, Secor MetroPark. It’s funny how we were only 30 miles from the park that we normally walk at but everything looked so different.

On Monday I had a rather unexpected migraine. I thought I was done with them and stupidly took the migraine meds out of my purse and left them at home. I get the visual migraine symptoms about an hour before the pain and then as stupidity #2 when I suddenly started seeing all the flashing white lights instead of going home I waited hoping it wouldn’t turn into a full blown migraine. So an hour later home I went. Took a pill and slept the afternoon away. Today I have a migraine hangover – so headache, pressure and nausea. Nothing horrible, but not the most pleasant of feelings!

This morning I ran on my treadmill for a half mile without stopping. I was amazed at myself. 🙂



Mili isn’t looking so good. She is still losing weight and fur faster than we can keep it on. She also wakes up with gunky eyes every day that we clean. She doesn’t seem to be unhappy or feel too bad. She sleeps a lot and still wants to play occasionally. She looks suddenly so much older.  She gets lots of treats and hugs. #StupidCancer

Speaking of cancer, had my sixth month check-in with my oncologist last week. Still doing fine! My blood work is EXCEPTIONAL! If you are serious about building your immune system just ask and I will send you the list of supplements I am on. I believe with all of my heart that they have done what I hoped for.

Next week I am going to see a Naturopath.  It’s actually at the recommendation of my oncologist. Because I am doing so well and doing so many out of the “western” medicine box things she suggested I consult with someone who has an actual education in the things I am doing to see if there are any suggestions or warnings.  I thought it was a good idea.  I will be asking if there are any solutions she can recommend for the lymphedema in my legs. It’s really horrible.

This week I am going to try and add raw carrots into my daily diet.



3 thoughts on “Mustard

  1. Oh Mili!

    That was such great news about your bloodwork. You have really done a great job of finding things that work for you. I am starting ine of them today. I will start a new one once every week or two weeks. That way I can identify what is causing a reaction, if that happens.

    Do you take circumin? I’ve heard that can be hard on your stomach.

    I love that your doc suggested a naturopath. If you do go, I would love to hear about that.

    1. I do take curcumin – pretty orange capsule. I have no problems with it. One of the supplements when taking in combination with another one of the supplements – sometimes causes a burning feeling for about five minutes. I’ve never been able to figure out which two it is, except I know it’s two of the light colored ones. It doesn’t happen every time. I usually take four supplements at a time, and spread out the times over the day until I get them all in. The only things I try not to take at the same time is the black seed & DHA. DHA makes me burp sometimes and if you burp after taking the black seed it’s Cumin mixed with Fish. GROSS.
      I was happy to get the blood work back just because it proved it to me. There is really no other way to tell if taking all the supplements is doing anything!

      I was really surprised by her recommending a naturopath, and happy! My appointment is next Wednesday.

      Mili had a good day yesterday. She ate a lot, she played, she was chewing her bone. But today I didn’t even see her stand up before I left for work. 🙁

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