My Annual “its not that I hate pink”post

You know how sometimes you get around a group of people, maybe it’s a birthday celebration or a family-in-law celebration, and you feel like you are just outside of the group. You’re  part of the family, you’re part of the group but no one would really notice if you just slipped away. You try to find your place. You start conversations with people but they just aren’t really interested. You know that you are slightly less important.

That’s what it feels like to have cancer this time of year that isn’t breast cancer. In my heart I know that I am wrong. But it doesn’t stop the way I feel. Susan G Komen raises a TON of money and I sure they are doing some good.

i have enough of this feeling in every other part of my life I certainly don’t need to pile on more.




2 thoughts on “My Annual “its not that I hate pink”post

  1. Oh, gosh, I DO know that feeling!!! Being on the outside, looking in…It’s awful. I have to fight that feeling, constantly. I never thought of it in relation to various cancer groups, but I can see where it certainly seems where all the focus is!