My brain is fuzzy!!!!

I was looking up drug info on one of my chemo drugs and ran across their original FDA approval press release. It said during the clinical trials women lived 18 months longer. But they also said that in real world usage women lived five years longer. They were unable to explain the reason for the difference between the two groups.

I am being battered by fatigue and itchy arms. I hope both are resolved by spring arriving with warm temperatures. I am having trouble working up the enthusiasm to get off the couch. I would be perfectly content to just sit on the couch reading with occasional television breaks. There is only one fool proof fix for letting me sleep through itchy arms and I am not willing to be at that level of chemical induced sleep every night. I am frustrated that it is suddenly getting so much worse. I am almost positive it is if not weather related, at least air quality in the winter related.

I have to be up and out of the house very early tomorrow so I am hoping for a lovely restful sleep.




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