My brain is getting soft

Sometimes I start thinking like I am old. Maybe 80ish. It’s all of the sicknesses. Even when I am not at that moment, feeling bad, I just feel frail. It usually last for a week or so. I really do think it is a cumulative effect thing.

Apparently I have gotten over the gratitude of no longer feeling like a walking corpse from the wicked antibiotic that was trying to kill me and now I am just dealing with what has become my new normal from the other daily antibiotics. And it’s chemo day

I worry about my brain aging. All of these different chemo drugs for such a long period of time. Chemo brain, despite the silliness of the name, is a real thing. It is an issue with the synapses in your brain slowing down.I find myself forgetting words more often than I use to. The instinct when just thinking and forgetting a word is to just brush by it. These days I stop and work through the process of remembrance. Starlings are what started this train of thought. I forgot the word starling last year and ever since have had trouble remembering it.

Keep your brain agile. Don’t stop reasoning, don’t stop listening to other people and actually thinking about what they are saying. Learn new things.



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