My crazy side

I am cranky today. Don’t know why but everything is making me angry. I dislike it when I feel like that.

There is a part of me that believes I will never leave this house and never live in a place other than this. The closer we get to that actually happening the louder the voice in my head is. I think if I die right after closing you all should consider burning the house down. Just in case.

Tomorrow Corey will fill out all of the paperwork again for our mortgage. He will then scan and email it so that next week when they say they lost it, at least he can just resend it.




4 thoughts on “My crazy side

  1. I want you to be in the new place, too. How in this day and age did they lose all that paper work? What idiots.

    Son of fucking bitch! Did that help or at least make you smile? It made me feel better, of course, what was being said in my head was much worse.

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