My day of Poop.

Today is Monday. The only thing on my to-do list was an 11:15 dentist appointment.

I slept horribly last night. My sinuses are constantly draining and last night was terrible. I woke up every few minutes to cough. I am very glad I have the appointment with an ENT in a couple of weeks.

We have been watching the beagle like a hawk trying to make sure she is getting outside enough. She is very timid and she was never really housebroken. We’ve had a couple of accidents in the condo but not too horrible. This morning when I finally got out of bed, very cranky from my lack of sleep,  I could smell dog poo. I got up made my coffee, and went back to bed trying not to look. After 30 minutes I finally got up and looked. No obvious mess, then I thought maybe Corey had cleaned it up already? As my eyes started to focus better I realized the floor looked dirty. Upon closer inspection I started noticing lots of tiny little smears..lots of them. Okay, something happened. Maybe she was scooting along, as dogs do? Then I started noticing it was in a line from the back door, to the kitchen, to the bedroom, up the stairs! I’m thinking perhaps Mr. Murray is to blame, not the beagle. So floor washing commenced at 9am.

AND after listening to my Dental Hygienist tell me how excellent my tooth care is then then tell me I have another tiny little cavity. I hate having weak teeth.

And I have had to change my shirt three times because I keep spilling stuff on myself!

Okay, one more story….

Driving down the road on Saturday and in the lane to the right of us is an older model white van. You know the kind with bench seats and windows frequently driven by churches and youth groups? This one was no exception. Two adults in the front seat and a passel of kids in the back, I can just barely see them through the tinted windows. The windows are the tilt out open at the bottom kind and I see this little hand come out, and then flip me off! It made me laugh. So everytime we ended up parallel he would do it again. So I pull out my cell phone and aim it at the kid, and you know the moment he has that kid guilt and realization that I am taking his picture because that hand flies back inside so fast! OMG! I was laughing so hard. The drivers of the van probably thought I was crazy.


2 thoughts on “My day of Poop.

  1. I hate and loathe dripping sinuses. I am so sorry. That is such an irritating and frustrating thing. When it hits me, I keep Fisherman’s Friends cough drops by my side. Only thing that seems to break it up for me. So if we were Oprah and had post nasal drip what would her doctor do for her that doctors haven’t done for us?

    Ah shit! My heart goes out to you. That is a crappy thing to wake up to. Better on wood floors than carpet.

    The church story just cracked me up. You know that kid was totally freaked out and he deserved to be.

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