My heart hurts.

I don’t know what to say. I know people die every day, and I know because I choose to make contact with other people who have cancer it will be a part of life, but this one hurts.

i met someone while we were both getting chemo. Found out we shared four years of High school together and now we shared an oncologist. And now she has died.

i want to call my doctor and offer him sympathy but also ask why? What was different?


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  1. I’m so sorry. I wonder how medical professionals handle so much loss. They have to be close to some patients, right? I would be too raw to function. Also, I think that is a valid question, when it doesn’t hurt so much to ask.

  2. I am sorry. Recently Rob’s chemo buddy died. He was devastated.

    I’ve joined a couple of facebook cirrhosis pages. I know you have talked about losing people from those groups. I understand it more now. Not sure I will be able to stay plugged into those pages.

    I know it must affect doctors. When I had to tell my doctors about my cirrhosis, they had very real reactions. As for an oncologist, I have no idea how they must cope. Thank goodness they find a way to keep going.

    1. Poor Rob. 🙁
      I stay on the Facebook group just for the new people who have questions or just need reassurance that the words stage 4 don’t mean what they use to

  3. I’m so sorry for your loss and I too think these are valid questions. Idk that you’ll find a valid answer…but I don’t think it’s not worth asking. Idk how doctors handle this stuff too. It’s possible it could be some kind of relief for you doctor to talk about it too.
    My step mother is a member of a fb group about her cancer. She added me so I could see something she wrote. After following it for awhile, I told my dad I’m not sure how she handles being part of it. She has been lucky and done well. But so many ppl with the very same thing have not been so lucky. I’m not sure I could handle having that up in my brain all the time. But I also know that for ppl struggling, it’s such a help to hear from the ppl who have had good luck. I guess each person has to do what’s best for them. I applaud you for doing what you’re doing, but I wouldn’t think less if you didn’t. My sincere condolences. <3

  4. I’m on a kidney cancer FB page. As to MB comment. Sometimes the stories are overwhelming but I have to remember that every single case is different. Horrible cancer attacking within…each person has a different within.

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