My Latest CT Scan Results

Short Version: Looks Good! No obvious tumors in my lungs, infection still getting better!


Long Version;

Every three months I have a CT Scan and and ECG. This time we did a full abdomen CT Scan which we haven’t done for awhile. As far as lungs are concerned everything is right on track! It sounds like everything has cleared up so much that now that can classify some of my abnormalities as scar tissue, which is what my pulmonologist suspected. Sad – but nothing I can do about it. Just helps explain the effort I have to put into breathing and lets me know that I can never stop doing cardio or I will lose the muscle that helps me expand my lungs despite the scar tissue.

What’s a little disconcerting is all the other things that show up in a full CT Scan. Because I have been having them occasionally since 2011 it’s like watching the slow falling apart of my body! Here are the things that give me pause and that I would like have answers to:

  1. Lung – Prominent coronary artery calcification – what my artery is calcifying? That doesn’t seem like a good thing!
  2. Focal area of lobulated low density involving subcapsular aspect of the inferomedial right love of the liver remains unchanged in overall appearance. – This says it was also on a previous scan – so apparently there is a mass on my liver that is unknown and no one is worried about?
  3. Left Kidney demonstrates lobulated contour – This is only important to me because I have a bad RIGHT kidney so my left one is very very needed.
  4. Left Kidney also has cyst – I apparently have cysts on most of my organs. Gross.
  5. Right Kidney also has probably cyst
  6. Mild to Moderate arteriovascular plaque deposition within the sub renal abdominal area – so my arteries are calcifying and filling with plaque?  How? My blood work is EXCELLENT!

I think that probably anyone getting older would see some of these things, it’s just that you don’t normally have ongoing scans of the interior workings of your body. I left out all the stuff about my intestines because it’s not a question for me, they are just trashed. Poor things, always inflamed and turning into inflexible pieces of tissue just waiting for a bout a diverticulitis.

So there you go! On the cancer front we appear to be looking great! On the getting old front, well, I am still getting old. 🙂


8 thoughts on “My Latest CT Scan Results

  1. Sounds excellent overall, but will you get any clarification from anyone about the things you question? Is there a follow-up?

    1. I don’t really know who to follow up with for questions! Yesterday was oncology, next week infectious disease dr. Both of them are so specialized that I don’t think they really even look at anything but their stuff. I will ask my PC next time I see her.

  2. You know what I seen is that things that they consider normal they never even mention. Once I started picking up my test results and reading them, I would be freaking out like why have we never mentioned this before and I was told they were things that happen and aren’t really worth mentioning. I didn’t like that but I understood their point, especially concerning the specialists.

    When do you see your regular doctor?

    1. At this point I don’t really spend too much to!me worrying about this. I was actually really annoyed aboiut the artery stuff! How can I be so healthy and e such good blood work but my arteries are getting older.
      I can’t even imagine adding more doctors to my list of appointments, uhg!

  3. test results mess with my mind too…while they say everything is clear…I question everything. I seem to have a cyst on my liver too which no one is worried about it. radiologist also saw something on an ovary so I went for ultra sound. nothing. If we didn’t have these tests all of the time, we would be like everyone else and not know this stuff. good vs bad. it just proves that #cancersucks and it totally changes us!

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