My life is like a bag of cheese curls

I have eaten a lot of cheese curls. I am very full. They were good cheese curls. Low fat, filled with organic crispy crunchy salty goodness.



There is only a few cheese curls left in the bag.  I’m not going to just throw them out. They’re too good! I will eat and enjoy those cheese curls but if I accidentally drop the bag and they fall on the cat and dog fur covered floor I may say oops, but it doesn’t diminish how good the cheese curls I ate tasted. I will be disappointed if I waste them but I certainly enjoyed them while I had them.


3 thoughts on “My life is like a bag of cheese curls

  1. cheese curls. mmmmm. Maybe I should go peruse Trader Joes. There’s one not terribly far from where I work. Now I want cheese curls.

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