My New Boot #PlantarFasciitis

Slept okay last night. I’m having trouble breathing deeply but I think that’s because I didn’t cough all the blood up and it’s like having the beginnings of a really bad chest cold where your chest feels kind of tight and irritated but your brain will not let you get a good cough because it knows it is going to hurt when you do! Feels a little bruised on the outside, other than that, all good.

When I visited the Naturopath last week we talked about my Plantar Fasciitis  and I told her that it was incredibly painful when I woke up or standing up after sitting for too long. She asked me if I had tried “the boot” and I said no, and she jotted down a note to remind her to talk about it next appointment. I of course went online as soon as I got home.

The Boot!

A grand and glorious invention!
A grand and glorious invention!


It cost about $24 on Amazon and arrived on Thursday. What a difference! I slept with it, took it off and stepped down on the floor and put my whole foot down!  If you don’t have this particular issue it will not do anything for you but  what a gloriously lovely thing for those of us that do! And now I know what is causing all the pain, it’s pointing your toes. Letting your foot go straight instead of keeping your ankle bent. This will be very helpful on long car trips which have also  turned into a problem.


2 thoughts on “My New Boot #PlantarFasciitis

  1. I’m so glad you have something for your foot. One wonders why no other doctor suggested this??? Foot pain is so debilitating. It’s things like finding this product make life nicer.

    I hope tonight you are sleeping well. I hope that when you wake up, your chest feels like it has cleared up.

    Have a good Sunday!

    1. Thanks! It really is a big chest has cleared up! I started coughing at 11 last night and I think I finally cpoughed all the blood out and I can breathe so much better! I sound a little rough now but at least bit is no longer tight.

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