My son bought me a knife

I have touched on this before and at the risk of sounding like I’m trying tell you how wonderful I am , I must talk about it again.

I like to do things for people. I enjoy it. It makes me feel good. Once you do it for a while it becomes habit and you actually have to be careful not to do too much. If I see something small and it reminds me of someone I will buy it for them.  If I try a new food and I think someone else would love it as much as I do, I will give them some. For instance, vegetarian jello. I buy boxes of it on Amazon. It’s good, it’s cheap and it’s unusual to find. When I order a dozen boxes, they send me 2 extra. I gave one of the guys at work the extra boxes. He has kids who are vegetarians. It seemed like the right thing to do, so I did it. No biggie. It’s something small I can do to make a bunch if little kids happy for a few minutes.

Sometimes if I’ve gone too long without someone doing a random nice gesture for me, or someone close to me, or if I notice that someone had the perfect opportunity to do something nice and they didn’t I start questioning my personality. Maybe I shouldn’t do these things. Maybe I’m in the wrong and I should just stop. Or if someone that I consistently do nice things for just acts like an ass to me I will eventually turn this into a hatred for all humanity. So I was two steps away from a full on hatred of humanity when my son reminded me of what is really important.

My son is the beneficiary of quite a bit of my randomness. Usually stupid stuff, for years every time I saw sour-patch kids I would pick up a small pack. Because he likes them. No biggie. Yesterday he showed me a small foldable box cutter that he bought. It is wonderful! The perfect lady blade to keep in your purse for those random box cutting moments. I pretended to steal his and a big laugh was had all around. Off I went to enjoy my day.  When I got home he had run to the store (Harbor Freight) and picked up one for me.  My son restored my faith by this one small act.

Everyone should practice doing random nice things occasionally. It’s good for your heart, especially when it’s for those closest to you. I know you probably do a ton of stuff for the people in your life and I’m sure some of it is appreciated, but it’s the little things that  say “I thought of you”  that I’m talking about.

Or just buy them a blade!

Blue Pocket Box Cutter Open

Blue Pocket Box Cutter Closed

It’s even a smaller than normal razor blade so the whole thing closed is only about three inches long!



5 thoughts on “My son bought me a knife

  1. I see things for you and never do it because I feel awkward about doing that. Like maybe, I think it is cute but you will think it is weird. I should learn to get over that.

    It was nice that your son did that for you! Just remember to take it out of your purse when you go to the airport or a courthouse.

    1. Awww, now you don’t need to! Just telling me was enough!

      I think for me it is the pay-it-forward mentality. I always assume that when I want to buy someone an unexpected cup of coffee, or wash their coffee cup, I don’t know, little things that don’t really mean much, that somewhere along the line they will do something in return for someone else. I was glad I realized finally that both my son and my daughter learned that habit from me. It gives me a happy little feeling. 🙂

      I know I will forget and it WILL get confiscated!

  2. Craig had a pocket knife and he had to go to the courthouse and you have to park about a mile away. He realized when he was almost at the door, he surreptitiously hid it behind a bush. He was lucky no one said anything and it was still there when he came back.

    It is nice that your kids picked up your habit and do that.

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