My Story – not really worth the wait – sorry.

I own this little duster / sweeper thing;


Not a fancy gadget, just a cheap little o’cedar floor duster. It uses static cloths, like a swiffer but it has a motor and is rechargable and it zooms around on your floor until it hits something then it goes the other way. It runs for 30 minutes or 90 minutes and is just a nice little way to keep animal hair under control. It gets stuck on my floor vents occasionally and in wet weather causes no end of problems. But I like it. I bought it just before we bought the condo, so a year ago.

I ran out of the cloths a month ago. I started searching and found out that they are not sold locally. Anywhere! Believe me, I searched. So to Amazon.


They were a little pricier than I wanted. Not extreme, but a little bit. So I had to decide. Order them, or just stop using my quite functional little hair picker upper. (I did try bastardizing a swiffer cloth, just did not work!) Eventually I decided to order them from Target and have it shipped to store. That was the least expensive way to do it. I ordered three packs of the cloths, that should last me about a year. Target couldn’t find any either for awhile, but eventually they came in and last Monday I picked them up.

Came home, put on one my little sweeper and put in the bedroom – it’s nice because it goes under the bed and dressers. An hour later I  heard a strange sound……it broke. The little bastard waited until I bought a years worth of cloths and BROKE! Not expensive like I said but now I have a years worth of cloths!

I had to get a new duster! Again, way to expensive on Amazon. On Sale at Walmart online – so that’s why I was at Walmart this week. 🙂


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