Neuropathy Pain

I was torn on whether this post should go here on my personal blog or on my professional blog ( because most of my traffic there comes from people with medical issues.

So, I have neuropathy from chemo. Many many years of chemo now. In the last year it has become pretty extreme in my feet. For the first few years I was lucky and the neuropathy just gave me large numb patches, which since I terrible terrible feet that have always caused me pain, I didn’t really mind the numb! Now I get pain. Sharp shooting, like someone stuck an electrified needle in my foot kind of pain. No need for sympathy please, that’s not what this is about. Also – I have lymphedema in my legs, not too bad, but I do try to be aware of it, and I try very hard to elevate my feet as much as  possible.

Many years ago I was told to take Alpha Lipoic Acid to help with Neuropathy. I took it for a few months and saw no difference, except it gave me heartburn, so I stopped.

I few weeks ago two things happened. I read a study about Alpha lipoic Acid for diabetes induced neuropathy* and the study which seemed very legit concluded that it absolutely does help. I also realized a correlation between the neuropathy pain getting suddenly worse and the timing of when I put my feet up. So I ordered ALA but this time I found a timed release version and I also stopped putting my feet up for an extended period of time at night when I was watching television.  

Immediately I noticed a difference. My neuropathy stopped being so so terrible in the evenings. Still standard terrible but better until I got in bed and then I would start getting (as the commercial says) the stinging shooting pains of neuropathy. Once my ALA arrived I started taking it in the morning and within days my neuropathy had subsided. I do not get heartburn on the timed release version and it is without a doubt helping with my neuropathy. I went from 12 or 13 pretty intensely horrible episodes to 2 or 3 horrible ones. I don’t believe the just annoying daily constant has changed much, but I am happy with the effects on the terrible.

I have been on it now for about two weeks and will not be stopping anytime soon. I wish I had known about the timed release version earlier!


*I was unable to find any studies showing that it helps for chemo induced neuropathy


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  1. Hey I can’t find a subscribe button on the nutrition blog. I would like to read when you post.

    Also, are you considering researching and writing about the thing that just came out about oatmeal and the round up chemical? I am concerned.

    1. I never thought for one moment about putting a subscribe button on there! How weird is that?
      I haven’t even read more than a few paragraphs about the roundup yet because I am just so disgusted at the whole thing. We are running out of foods to eat? We’re going to have to start importing our foods from other countries who were too poor to purchase roundup.

    2. There is an option to subscribe to blog via email when you open the add comment section on a post. I will have to figure out why I can’t have another subscribe link on the side like I do on this one. 🙁

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