New Pill Box

Bought a new pill box this weekend.



You think I am kidding don’t you.



Frankie thinks it’s a good resting place!




All filled up! Much better than the cardboard box I had everything in.

It’s hard work keeping this body going! I was on the treadmill today and I started wondering. Six months ago I could run a mile. Then I found out I had emphysema and lung cancer. Now I take medicine for the emphysema and my lung tumors are shrinking, why is it so much harder to run! It feels like my lungs are burning. My husband thinks it’s just the difference of cold air. That could be. I had a lot of trouble last winter.


We frequently find Frankie curled up under a heater! So far he has not turned out to be too combustible.

He’s driving us crazy constantly trying to sneak outdoors now.

That’s all my excitement for a Sunday. Back to work tomorrow, back to chemo on Wednesday/Thursday/Friday – shrinking those bad boys a little more.




4 thoughts on “New Pill Box

  1. Man… I can’t imagine keeping track of all those. I feel lucky that I haven’t gotten the schedule mixed up for my pain meds yet.

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