Nina- don’t read this

My daughter and I had such a wonderful day with Mary Beth and all her assorted family, husband, Sons,Brother. It was amazingly relaxing.

I am feeling so much stronger. I appreciate every single mnute of it.

My toe has been hurting the last couple of days. I am prone to ingrown toenails but things also just feel odd now with the neuropathy. This morning I reached down and touched my toe where it hurts and disgustingly gross pus came oozing out! One would think with all the antibiotics I am on that infection is out of the question. Speaking of which, infectious disease dr day today.

I think that is all the news we need for today. 🙂





3 thoughts on “Nina- don’t read this

  1. It is so weird because I really thought that I had commented on this. It was a great time! Bought you and Katy are delightful.

    Keep an eye on that toe!