Not a Fool

I think I need an April goal.

I feel like I am losing ground because of my hips and lungs. So many things I can’t do, and it is not getting better. So it’s time to concentrate on something else.

I think it will be April Arms & Abs.  The nice thing about Arms & Abs is you can make a big difference by doing just a little. Lots of aps available to do your own interval training too.

Let’s see:

Side Arm Raise



Right side plank

Front Arm Raise

Left Side Plank





1 minute per move, 10 seconds between moves. That’s an 11 minute workout. I think we will try for 10 times a week. 100 minutes a week total. I will make a chart for myself.

I only have light weights. Maybe I will invest in two more weights.

There you go, we hae an April goal!


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