Not Enough Tracy!

Said no one ever…..except me! I have a ton of stuff I need or want to do and just not enough ambition today. I am currently typing this while watching TV. πŸ™‚ Not a good way to get things done.

I need to study. I need to get out a ladder and pull down my shades and then put them up on the deck. I need to load my car with my daughters kennels. I need to do laundry, OH! And I didn’t make my bed today!

I want to watch the four hours of things I recorded last night, I want to type out a blog on people who are afraid to try to fix things in their lives, I want to take the dog to the dog park, I want to go work out at the gym because they are doing a fund-raiser today for an Ovarian Cancer support group. I want to read more of the current study book because it is very interesting.

And… I sit.

In my defense this is my low energy week.

I went to a local cancer support / resource center this morning to meet them. They were lovely people. Great open energy. I will try and attend some things on a regular basis and see where I fit. They have a stage IV support group, the only one I am aware of in the area.



Dusty is not happy with my choices so far today!





2 thoughts on “Not Enough Tracy!

  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself, we both know we get those “down” times where all the desire in the world just doesn’t get us to do anything. Mine will be this week too, as I have chemo tomorrow. I don’t even feel half way human until Thursday, after they disconnect the pump.

    I for one look at those times as my body telling me to slow down and take it easy. Don’t feel bad and for darn sure don’t get down on yourself! With what you are going through, you’ve earned a short reprieve every now and then πŸ™‚

    1. I just grabbed my phone to post about crashing for the afternoon and whining about not getting anything done and read your comment first.
      Now I will just STFU and be happy to have the option to sit on my couch eating bunny grahams.
      Good luck this week!

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