Nothing important – just catching up.

There should be a name for when I wake up after drinking only chamomile tea the night before, with a hangover. My head is heavy, my eyes are itchy, my stomach is tender. It will pass in a couple of hours. But, there is no simple name. I really did not sleep very well AT ALL! Two nights in a row. I hope it’s not the start of an insomnia thing. I may dope myself up tonight just in case.

This week is all about the Pokemon and working out. I am obsessed and I admit it unapologetically. I am also finally, really, getting stronger. I am breathing better, I am adding some muscle back. I want to work out the next two nights because I have plans on Thursday night Β (I invited my sister and family over for dinner – how quaint) and there is no night workout on Friday. I am going out of town next week so won’t do that kind of workout so I want to get it in this week. In my head everything I do is a Lindsay psych-up. Lindsay is the owner of the gym and leads the majority of the classes during the day. I really want to switch to Lindsay classes. The time is better, I could do 10 am on the good days, or 4pm on the bad. And it will send me over that fitness edge where I need to be. Push, Push, Push. I believe the reason I am where I am is because I push, push, push. I just keep trying!

I have gotten so many extra steps because of Pokemon! It’s ridiculous.


They should have more stops in parks to get the kids out. I have walked the Zoo, Swan Creek MetroPark and Wildwood MetroPark as well as downtown Toledo I will be DownTown again today, and maybe the zoo tomorrow. Or maybe not. Oncologist appointment tomorrow, Chemo Friday. I might skip chemo so I am feeling extra good for my out of townness next week.

Small bit of gross. This is my burn. It is just a burn from a cookie sheet. My skin is so thin that it immediately ripped off leaving a big open wound. I also heal at the speed of a snail run. I know I am going to end up with a big ugly scar. I don’t mind scars but I don’t like the placement of this one.

I tried not to make this too focused or detailed for you sensit
I tried not to make this too focused or detailed for you sensit




Okay – You’re all caught up! Get out and play now.



2 thoughts on “Nothing important – just catching up.

  1. How wonderful that you are getting stronger. Boy, you sure have had ups and downs.

    I can’t look at your burn. Ouch. Does it hurt?

    So do you wake up feeling awful because you have had the tea or do you drink the tea because you aren’t feeling well?

    Trip? Where are you going? Somewhere fun?

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