Nothing Important

I have been so low energy for so many months that the days I have ambition are pure celebration. Yay!

Today was my morning CT Scan so I got up at early so I could drink my Berry Barium at 7am. Then CT scan at 10 and back home for breakfast. The Redi-Cat works like a surgical prep cleanse on me these days so ooopf the sounds coming out o me now! Yogurt, granola and toast with a lovely cup of coffee and hopefully in an hour or so I will be right as rain. I did not get a copy of my CT Scan this time. I just cannot worry about it. I will see what the Doctor says next week, and worry about it then, if I need to.

The puppy at 7 1/2 months old has graduated to staying by herself in the condo for a couple of hours without being crated. It has opened my world back up! I cannot tell you how much I hated locking her in her kennel so I could go somewhere, so I just stopped going somewheres. I also bought a gate for our doorway so at night she is gated into the bedroom area with us but not locked into her kennel. Though she does sleep in it. She is a sweet gentle, low energy puppy now. She likes to sleep, and she likes to cuddle.

I have a gazillion different projects I would like to start, a few books I am reading or want to read, at least thirty series or movies I need to watch on Amazon (Judith Light & Gaby Hoffman are amazing in Transparent) and Netflix and I just do not have enough hours in my day. It is going to be even worse as the weather gets even warmer because I will not be staying inside.

I am missing people. My connections with people have drifted apart. πŸ™




11 thoughts on “Nothing Important

  1. I really enjoyed TRansparent too!! I thought the last season slowed down a bit but still enjoyable. I feel the same being off antidepressants….so much I want to do, days not long enough

  2. I’m trying to think of a better name for Berry Barium, but most of them sound like something that someone would unknowingly drink, thinking it’s some kind of fruit smoothie.

    Berryum? Be-Barium? Bari-yum? Berry Bari Yum?

    Maybe it’s fine how it is.

  3. Maybe not thinking about the scan until you see the doctor is better? You can’t really do anything about it until you see him/her, right?

    How wonderful that Dusty is settling into the perfect dog for your household. I am not a dog person but I like other peoples dogs. She seems really special.

    If you are missing people, you need to tell them that. When I read this my brain started playing Substitute friendship for lovers with this song. Ha ha! You are always on my mind.

      1. I miss you, too. Craig and I have been trying to figure out how to get out there. He would like to bring Dave with and then drop me off with you and then he and Dave go to that place in MI. Something Village, I think. But Dave is our go to guy to help out with Grandma. So we are working on finding other people who could stop and visit instead. Oh, and we have to see what happens with my gallbladder. I am getting a HIDA scan Monday. I’ll know more after my doc sees those results.

          1. Now, I will finish that comment. πŸ™‚ Having some gallbladder problems? Craig decided he needed some company and create a gallbladder specific poison?

  4. It’s too bad you are not able to hear my thoughts, because when I see your photos on instagram & facebook I always have a little conversation with you! Dusty is such a beauty, I have to show my co-worker updates regularly, especially the videos with Frank. I am watching Colony on Netflix, just finished Mr Selfridge… and Last Tango in Halifax, which was not about eastern canada, but Halifax in England… πŸ™‚ Have a good weekend. L

      1. I love Last Tango in Halifax. I’m patiently waiting for the next season. I’m currently watching Mr Selfridge…I binged the first two seasons. love Jeremy Piven. season 3, an event that had me wondering wth are the writers doing some have slowed down but still enjoying it

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