Nothing much.

Another out of whack day!

A dead battery on my sons car means I worked from home this morning then drove him to his only Friday class. Then back home, then back to pick him up, then back home. Then off to mean my daughter for lunch, then back home to work.

Though honestly most of my work time was spent trying to get my new computer up and running enough to work from since I hadn’t brought my work laptop home with me. I think I’m good to go now. Keep finding new ways to make Windows 8.1 work for me.

I am still obsessed over my birds and am enjoying watching them in real time instead of just watching the pictures upload.

Tonight my husband and I are going to see a show. I bought the tickets many many months ago so I’m glad I just didn’t forget about it! We will be seeing Godspell at the Valentine  theater. It’s a very beautiful place but I am not looking forward to the walk from wherever we find to park to the Theater! It’s just horribly cold at 3F and the winds are gusting so strong!

My husband is leaving for Switzerland tomorrow. He’s never been there so I hope he gets some time to explore.





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