Nothing to say and a Place to say it

This morning I was driving to work and just felt an overwhelming feeling of happiness. Isn’t that wonderful? Of course then I called my secondary google voice number* and left myself a message to remind myself to blog about this.

Now being me I then thought to myself  how ironic would it be if I now got in an accident and died. The last thing on my cell phone would be a text from myself saying how happy & full of joy I felt. Like the start of a really bad Lifetime movie!


Do you indent your paragraphs five spaces? I stopped doing it after a few years of working on computers. Many different GUI’s use the tab to move between fields so it didn’t take to long for me to realize that hitting the tab key when typing was bad. Now it looks really funny to me when I see paragraphs indented five spaces.


*I have a google voice account that when I dial that number from my cell phone it sends me straight to voice mail. Then I can leave myself a voice mail and it sends me a transcript to my email and my phone via text. So this is what I do when I need to leave myself a quick reminder while I’m driving. I can use the car voice system to call and have very literal hands free memos.


6 thoughts on “Nothing to say and a Place to say it

  1. Your brain didn’t say why it was happy but I know. You are coming to Chicago to spend time with your sister, Nina and me. Of course you are happy! Well, at least that is why I am happy!

    I haven’t indented since I started blogging.

    Now I must go and pick up Dave from work. Have a good evening chickie!

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