Nothing to see here….

I was going through my collection of pictures to find a particular picture to send to someone and I saw this one. I love this picture of my sister, with a gun.  We are such hippie pacifists that it makes me laugh. We may not wish harm on any one but we love having the ability to inflict it if need be!


Today I was briefly thinking about ghosts. I do not believe in ghosts, or an after-life, though I am very willing to change my mind. I was thinking about a story about ghosts. Maybe ghosts that are all hanging out here, there, wherever they want. Maybe the afterlife is just the next version of this life. Same buildings, same streets, just a different existence, or something. I was thinking of kids as ghosts and the things that they would find funny if they suddenly became ghosts and they could see us. Definitely some bathroom humor for awhile, but eventually they would get bored with that. I will have to think about this.

Going to Franklin Conservatory & Botanical Gardens tomorrow. Just to get somewhere warm and most with plants growing. Even if it will be 19F outside. Always nice to get out of the house for a night.


3 thoughts on “Nothing to see here….

  1. I love this picture, too! Your sis looks like a natural with that air rifle.

    Oh my goodness! Remember green grass and sun and leaves! I miss summer!

    I believe there is something after this. There has to be or it would just be too sad to contemplate. I think I have told this story before but some time after my mom died, we were having dinner with my dad in his house. We were in the dining room and the house was closed – no open windows or doors and Craig and I felt a distinct cool breeze go through the room and we looked at each and both made mention of it and thought that was maybe my mom. For me maybe not such a weird thing to say but for Craig that was surprising. We both felt it and both thought it was my mom. To me it her being happy that we were there with me dad, all taking care of each other and she could rest peacefully. One of the last things she said to me was, “you take care of your dad.”

    The conservatory sounds wonderful. Have fun.

  2. So should I ask about the password or is it a practice thing? Oh I think I may have put up a password protected post that was a post but not anything fun or juicy. The password will be in a facebook message.

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