Nothing too thought out

Good Morning.

It is early and I am not fully awake. We are going for a quick day trip to the woods after my doctors appointment today so I am trying to get my brain going. It’s a slow waker upper, especially at this time of year. I haven’t worked out all week at the gym because my body is just too tired from working out in real life!

I am struggling with the thought of blocking someone on Facebook. I find her posts to be so frequently bullying and mean in the name of self-righteousness that it makes me cringe. It is frustrating to me because I am sure she doesn’t see that she incites violence in her words.

But is also fits into my current vein of thought about living in your own space and enjoying the things in your life. It doesn’t all have to be big things. Yesterday I was at the movies. We saw #StarTrekBeyond and I almost cried at one point. Not because of anything in the movie but because I was just so happy that I have lived long enough to see another movie that I like. I bet people think that I am getting preachy about it and maybe a little disingenuous, but I am not. I know how lucky I am.

Please stop wasting time, it is finite.



4 thoughts on “Nothing too thought out

  1. So funny! My learning curve this year is to be present in my life. Not perfect, just present. Enjoy, here – now – not when my home is dog hair free or when I’ve lost 2 more pounds or when the grass isn’t dead or when the basement is clean, or when I can run at the same pace as some stranger on instagram – but right here, right now. Be present for me, for my people, for my life! Practice grace, for myself and for others. Excellent and timely reminder. (I went back to check my posts to be sure maybe it’s not me!…..) I have blocked so many people my block list is bigger than my friend list. Right now I’ve unfollowed everyone except immediate family and Disney – b/c I just can’t deal with extra ‘thoughting’. I go and look everyone up when my brain is having a great day – and I leave it at that. Life is too short for …. negativity, shoes that hurt your feet, bad wine and terrible coffee. Also – self effacement. 😀

    1. It’s just so useless to always be waiting for things. I go back to the words if the mad genius himself “waiting for my real life to begin”

  2. Having been on the receiving end of one of those posts from someone else, I have a different thought about it. If you care about a person whose writing is bothering you, you should really bring it up privately. Have a direct private discussion. If you really don’t have a relationship, then you should block or unfriend the person. Otherwise, you are telling a person, who you don’t have enough of a relationship with to have a conversation with, to censor themself for your comfort. Another problem with writing a public spanking is that all of your readers get a little uncomfortable and wonder if you are referring to them.

    I have been reduced to talking about kitty litter instead of things that matter because of that. Although, I block individuals more for specific posts a lot more because of that.

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