Of Course

One of my weird quirks – I can’t stand when someone talks in my ear. It causes me physical pain. A shooting pain goes down my spine around the middle of my back.

I seem to remember my daughter finding a name for this, it’s an actual thing, not just me.

So of course I got a dog who has a weird inclination to lay with his nose in a persons ear.

Beagle nose in my EAR
This picture makes me laugh because you can only see 3/4’s of my face but I have an oddly goofy expression on my face**

Could be worse, I also get a pain if something is held within about a half inch of the bridge of my nose

No matter what I do this picture just randomly shifts 90 degrees. Sorry.


1 thought on “Of Course

  1. Every night, the wiener dog winds up with her head on my shoulder while we’re sleeping, or if I roll over, she’s partially on me. It’s her new thing. Benny loves the momma lady.

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