Oh KitchenAid Mixer…how I adore you.

I am SO TIRED! I just wanted to stay in bed and sleep all day today. I still really want to crawl back in bed. Maybe I will tomorrow. I don’t think I have anything going on tomorrow. 🙂

My new KitchenAid Mixer is so much fun! I made pizza crust and pasta for my husband, and a loaf of white bread for myself. The bread rose to all new heights! For the pasta, this time I added whole wheat. It was a nice texture. Definitely better than the boxed whole wheat pasta. I am not really a big pasta eater but I will enjoy making this work. Next time we are going to try adding some herbs to the dough. A little oregano maybe.

I have a sore throat. It started last night and I am finding it quite annoying. Wednesday will be my CT, Thursday is dentist, Friday is Echo. The next week is chock full of doctors too. 🙁 It really is a full time job keeping this body going.

AGE or Chemicals?

I am almost positive I started typing this with actual content in mind but swhoosh….gone…..






5 thoughts on “Oh KitchenAid Mixer…how I adore you.

  1. This makes me kind of regret giving away the kitchen aid that was given to me. But who am I kidding? I’d just make cookies anyway. 😉 I’ve never tasted homemade pasta. I do wonder what it’s like.
    Are you feeling better? I hope so! Good luck at the docs!!

  2. oh and this…It’s going to sound crazy, but you know what really can help a sore throat? Ludens cherry cough drops. Those taste like candy things. They have something in them that kind of numbs the throat. Back when my kids were young, they used to make lolipops with it for kids with sore throats. It’s the same thing.

  3. A sore throat can get anybody down! And this weather makes me want to sleep and sleep. I’m glad you’re enjoying the kitchen aid mixer! I haven’t tried to do bread with mine yet. It gets the biggest workout around the holidays, but I try to make sure I use it regularly. I love how some people bling them out!

    Hope the throat feels better and the appointments are a breeze!

  4. Our Kitchenaid is by far the most useful tool in our kitchen. The dough hook has turned baking from an arm killing bought of kneading into something I can ready on my lunch break.

  5. My 23year old kitchenaid just recently shat the bed. My husband keeps threatening to fix it and I keep threatening to buy one. Neither has happened as yet. Kitchenaids are the bomb.

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