Oh Look! It’s no longer Monday


Saw a video of a little girl talking about her science experiement with growing a sweet potato vine from an organic versus non-organic potato. Decided to try it for myself. That’s day 1.

Even pop up ads should have punctuation or better spacing.



Finally met with my Doctor about the results of my breathing test. We’re iffy about the correct treatment so we’re going to wait for the weather to warm up and see if my lung do better. I currently have a rescue inhaler that I use about once a day. I thought that was pretty good but she told me the guideline is that people who use it more than three times a week should be on preventative medicine. The medicine she mentioned is the above mentioned symbicort. I do not want to take that. It has bad reviews and it lowers your immunity.  Eh. We’ll see.

I was so happy with the way my new pants fit that last week I went online and ordered two more pairs from Kohls.com in different colors. They’re just Lee’s version of a docker but they are just about the perfect fit right now, and they are on sale. It’s nice to have clothes that fit! Not too big, not too small. Not even too long which is pretty unusual.

24 days until we leave on vacation!


That is all.



7 thoughts on “Oh Look! It’s no longer Monday

  1. Are you opposed to all steroid inhalers or this particular brand? Another thought – it might be possible you will only need it for winter use or perhaps until you get better???

    I am actually going to dig my steroid inhaler out of the cabinet. I am on the verge of a respiratory infection and I am coughing pretty good now.

    I know we have much different circumstances but I look at my inhaler as a lifesaver. Ever since my allergist recommended it, my life has truly changed and been so much better in the winter.

    I wish they could come up with something for you that would make breathing easier and that wouldn’t cause you so much worry.

    Yea for pants that fit!

  2. So I am not saying that you should use the medicine if you feel it isn’t right for you. I just had a moment there where I realized what a life changer that medicine was for me.

    1. I never thought for a moment that you were saying that! 🙂

      It’s just that one medicine, symbicort that makes me nervous when I saw the patient reviews and the side effects. It’s the specific one my doctor kept mentioning. We’re both hoping that as the weather warms up so will my lungs. They’ve been much better the last coupe of weeks and then I was having a lot of trouble yesterday and this morning which leads me to believe we’re on the right track with the cold being the major aggravator.

      I’ve taken singulair for many many years for allergies which is also one of the first things recommended for chronic asthma or bronchitis. Probably the reason it hasn’t been a problem for so many years and probably the real reason I stopped getting bronchitis every year.

      And I agree on the pants. I always said I just wanted my width to match my height when it came to pants to I could stop always having some part that didn’t fit right!

  3. Good! I woke up thinking about that. As you can see, I wrote that comment right before I went to bed. I worry, what can I say? Oh and I have never taken Symbicort. I just used a generic steroid inhaler.

    1. It’s part of what makes you, you. I would never worry about you saying something mean to me because even if you say something nice, you worry about it!
      Maybe if I started inhaled steroids I suddenly start getting even more muscles!!

  4. I’ve always used the excuse that I have exercise induced asthma…that’s the truth… But I follow up with that’s why I quit exercising. Is that inhaler over-the-counter?

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