Oh look, it’s Wednesday



Took that picture back when the freezing bitter cold and two feet of snow was new and exciting. Now it’s just cold and dangerous!

I am very very lucky that my job can be done from home almost as well as it can be done from my office. Our whole office has been working from home this week. The only thing you miss is the quick interactions and group conversations. We have group chats but it’s not quite the same. We’re finally “allowed” to drive on the city roads but they are still two inches of ice covered by packed snow. I’m hanging out at home for the morning and we’ll see what afternoon brings.

Last night I fell. Not out on the ice and snow, just standing in my livingroom. Very annoyed by it. Hit my ankle, hip, hand and space heater! Broke the heater. Side of my ankle is swollen and painful, hip is sore, and my left hand now has a bunch of extra padding.

That is all.



6 thoughts on “Oh look, it’s Wednesday

  1. Oh no! Why did you fall? Were you having a dizzy spell?

    I’m telling you this here because apparently I don’t blog anymore and I don’t want to talk about this on facebook. So I have been taking progesterone. The very first time I took it, it made me extremely dizzy, like I was drunk. After the first night I was fine with it until yesterday when I took my 7 out of 10 dose for this month and bam! I couldn’t walk straight, I had to hold on to things. It didn’t freak me out so much last night. I found it kind of humorous.

    Erik and Craig are back at work. David who had been let go by the toy store was called back so he is working part of the day. Yahoo! I have the house to myself for a few hours.

    I hope your day goes well. It is a bit warmer here. I will only be going out to pick David up today.

    1. I don’t think I fell because of the dizziness. I was very dizzy yesterday and did the no hearing in my right ear again but I slipped on a dog bone! It was just stupid.
      I’m glad you enjoyed your progesterone high! That’s how I feel about my little dizzy moments as long as it’s not hurting me or anyone around me, I’ll just enjoy the spinning for a moment.
      No one is back to work in my house. We are going to go to the grocery store in about 30 minutes and I think Sean is going back to class this afternoon. The dogs will be happy to have the place to themselves I’m sure.

    1. Yesterday on television, either a news show or one of those daytime talk shows or something, someone said every US state but 1 was below freezing. Hope you’re enjoying it!

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