Oh Monday how you mock me!

I ever so carefully shoveled my car out yesterday and had a lovely day with my sister. We drove to IKEA up in Michigan. Now, a smarter person may have thought to check the forecast for the place she was going rather than the place she was leaving. We drove through quite a snowfall! Dropped her off, came home. Slept, woke up, got ready for work, walked outside and said , oh damn! The city plows came through and plowed my street, it then froze into a wall of impenetrable ice around my car.

I made you a graphic.





That is in fact exactly the year & model of my car with correct color, and even the roof racks. However my wall of ice is much more jagged and mean looking.


So, I worked from home this morning and now I’ve been wandering out every once in a while to hack away for a bit on the ice. I think I can probably get in and out now. Which is good because I have a hair cutting appointment tonight! I am currently thawing out one particularly cold toe. Luckily we’re up to 16 degrees so it should be melting any minute now! I am happy to see that it will be above freezing for a few hours on Friday. My husband comes home Saturday and I’m thinking he won’t want to spend hours cleaning off his car. 🙂


So tomorrow, I will get up, get ready for work and have my Monday, on Tuesday. I don’t think I had any snow days last year so I don’t mind so much. Of course it’s supposed to snow again tomorrow. Maybe Wednesday will be my Monday!