For those of you who are offended by swearing you should probably not read me any more or should drop me from your friends on Facebook. I will be using swear words in the titles of my blogs for a little bit. Just because.

Today was an Oh Shit kinda day! I felt a little off this morning but didn’t really know what it was. Got to work, sat down at my desk and the room started rocking! It was just like being on a big boat, that was swirling down a bathtub drain! It’s the first really dizzy “attack” I’ve had for awhile. I also had one of the weird headaches that I use to always get but that I didn’t notice had gone away. It’s the headache wear it feels like your scalp is kind of tightening on your head and then occasional shoots of pain. And my neck is stiffening up. The neurologist said I should up my dose of the amitriptyline when that happens but 1.) I don’t carry it with me and 2.) it would knock me out hard for a couple of hours and I am at work.  Instead I tried my first mixing of medicine and took a half of a meclizine. 1/2 did me quite well! I’m still a little dizzy, and my head hurts a little, and I’m a little tired. So good enough! Maybe in a couple of hours if it all comes back as it wears off I’ll try a full pill and just plan on curling up under the conference room table for a nap at lunch. This may also explain why I kept losing my balance last night! So it’s good to know that when it gets worse I have options.

I was getting ready for work this morning and saw this on my bed and laughed.


My husband has been gone for about a month and I have apparently replaced him with a bag of snacks on his pillow. There are all sorts of psychological conclusions one could draw from this. I personally draw the conclusion that I am a slob who was snacking in bed one night.


2 thoughts on “OH SHIT!

  1. I remember the dizzy face. I bet today’s dizzy face was worse. I am sorry. That must be so frustrating. I am glad you were able to dose yourself with the medicine and feel somewhat better.

    Perhaps you should add a cot and an alarm clock to your upstairs workout room?

    I hope you are feeling better!

    1. I think you and Brad are the only people who have ever noticed.
      It’s really not so frustrating. I find it curious. It would be different if I were in a job that it would interfere with, say…tight rope walker, or waitress but so far (knock wood) it really hasn’t interfered to much. I read all of the forums of people who are just perfectly horribly miserable. Rooms spinning all the time, unable to drive. I am really quite lucky that mine is such a minor issue.
      And thank you, I am feeling better! When the meclizine wore off I just felt a little tiny bit unsteadier. Nothing drastic, so all good.

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