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I drove my husbands car to work today. When I saw it sitting in the driveway this morning it looked so sad and alone and like maybe it had become a large icicle stuck in the rocks after not having been moved for a couple of weeks.


It spent the whole drive reminding me that I was cold and running late.WP_003466



When I pulled my lunch out of the box I thought that the best part of it was likely to be how cute it looked frozen.


I am eating it for lunch as I type, and I assure you I was correct.


Workout at FitClub tonight was tough! I was feeling wimpy and it was leg workout day. I think leg workout day is very hard. I was sweating so much that by the end I gave up and yanked off my shirt to use as a crying towel. Luckily I was wearing a tank underneath.

I AM going to the grocery store tomorrow! This is getting ridiculous. I hate grocery shopping. I think mostly because I see all the food I can’t eat. And then I get frustrated and only buy a few things or I buy junk. It doesn’t help that it’s freaking cold outside!

When I got to work this morning I usually park not in the closest spot. Then I walk into the building, down the hall, and I hit the stairs. My office is on the 2nd floor but most days I walk up to the third floor just to get that extra flight of stairs in. From 2 to 3 is tough after the walk from the car, and I swear there is something weird with the steps. Today I found out how to motivate myself to speed up that last flight. Just as I was hitting my slow down point a nice looking man came out of the door on the third floor, smiled at me, then stood there, holding the door open waiting for me to go through. Sigh…my ego forced me to skip up the stairs lightly and float on through before I gasped for air on the other side.

Another day has sped by. It’s dark, and cold and prime time tv beckons me to sweet mind numbing oblivion.  It seems the days are never long enough, and the nights get shorter and shorter.




3 thoughts on “Okey Dokey ArtiChokey

  1. Well, how are your legs feeling today? I can’t even imagine how hard that must have been.

    I love and hate shopping. I love it for the walk but I hate it for how expensive it all is.

    Your stair story made me laugh. I would have been gasping, if my legs would have let me get that far.

    1. Hmm, I have one weird muscle that’s really tight. It started on the very first thing I did during the workout and just keeps staying tight. Its the front muscle on my thigh and it was also a pain on the stairs today! Easy going up but quite a pain going down. I must have twisted it wrong or something.
      I’m annoyed today because a package from amazon was supposed to arrive yesterday and it didn’t. That’s the only thing that’s a giant pain in the ass if your order was fulfilled by amazon, almost impossible to contact them. I have discovered if you contact the carrier they usually contact amazon quickly for you. Probably because they don’t want anyone thinking its them. Problems of the 21st century right, when your 2 day shipping from an online retailer is late?

  2. I hate when my packages are late and I know that getting something in 2 days is nothing short of a miracle and a lot of people are working really hard to make it all work out. First world problems, for sure!

    1 (888) 280-3321 Amazon’s consumer number

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