On a lighter note…Hazardous Materials!

The other day I received an email from Drugstore.com that has this on it:




It has some of my favorite things. Purse. Free. Samples So I clicked on it to take a look and once the page opened something else caught my eye.


I don’t know if I want a package with HazMat Labels on it!

Though – to balance things out I must tell you that I love drugstore.com! Same prices as I find at any other drugstore, sometimes better, free shipping if you order enough and there are usually fun “free with purchase” kinds of bonuses. Great way to buy all of the sketchy things you don’t want people at your local grocery store knowing you buy. 🙂

Always remember there are people like me in line with you at Kroger that do notice and blog about the fact that you just bought beer, condoms and douche.




7 thoughts on “On a lighter note…Hazardous Materials!

  1. Wow, yes i think i would pass on that freebie. Weird! When I was a cashier, sometimes i’d just have to keep a straight face and keep going. Sold a lot of pregnancy tests to teenagers. Most just tried to hurry thru, some it didn’t bother at all. But I’ll never forget this one. She was in with her dad, he bought some stuff, they left. She came back…he came back. She bought chips or something, they left again. She came back a 3rd time, bought the pregnancy test, asked me to double bag saying her father would kill her if he saw it. I understood and did my job. lol Ironic part is, i went to school with her dad… apples and trees and all that.. hahaha

    1. I am replying to myself. Just to say, it’s me, Tami. I replied in the wrong place again so it came up anonymous. sorry bout that.

  2. See this is where marketing could have vastly improved on things. All they had to do was say “It’s so Hazardously Fashionable that we can only ship it by ground”

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