Once upon a time there were two little sisters….

then 45 years later they were both adults.One day one of these sisters was asked to recount a happy memory from childhood. Imagine her chagrin when she could not.
She went to the other sister and asked to borrow one of her happy memories, much to her surprise that sister was also unable to recount one. As a matter of fact for many years the sister had no memories at all until she was a teenager and had often wondered why, perhaps something wrong with her?

The sisters discussed this for quite awhile trying to figure out who had taken the memories. Many theories postulated.

A subject to be dug into or a past best left buried?


The Metro Entrances in Paris were sometimes works of art by themselves.
The Metro Entrances in Paris were sometimes works of art by themselves.

8 thoughts on “Once upon a time there were two little sisters….

  1. As a general conversation it really opens up a lot of things. Is it better to just let the past stay buried, or is it better to dig out all the reasons you are who you are? One of the interesting things that came up was that we both kept bringing up bits and pieces of memories, and then realized that they weren’t really memories we had just seen a picture

  2. Actually, that is what I wanted to think about. I wanted to see if I could remember ANYTHING that wasn’t a picture memory. Odd, the very little I do remember and I know isn’t from pictures are bad times. I know when my brothers and I start talking about their recollections, that will stir mine. So all I remember are times I was getting in trouble or my parents fighting or my brothers getting in trouble. It is funny when we talk we laugh about all of this trouble and when I think about what I am laughing about it is really quite weird. Yet I don’t feel like I had a bad childhood.

    I think you should do a cost/benefit analysis. Is there something to be gained by going back or will it just make you feel worse dredging up those old memories?

    1. That’s interesting! I wonder how many other people have no good memories from their childhood!
      I am normally not a person who likes to go back to the past. I am who I am, and I am not going to be changed by thinking too much about, analyzing or confronting the past. Erin was doing something fun that required meditating on a happy memory from childhood and just couldn’t find one. For her right now it’s a stumbling block that will keep her from doing something else. Other than that, it occasionally has bothered me in the past how much is gone, but I touch on it and go on my way. I can’t change anything.

  3. Craig remembers happy things. He said he remembers being with his grandpa and his grandpa died when he was 5 so they were early memories. I think we just don’t have efficient memories and traumatic things embed better than happy ordinary things. I am with you, I can’t change so why bother with it.

  4. Are the happy memories just blocked or do u think there were none? And does it help to drudge up the black sludge? I think it did for me but you have to know there will be serious pain, anger and hate before u get to the other side.

    1. I don’t think it would help us. And I really don’t think there are too many happy memories. I’m not saying there aren’t any, just not very many. I remember talking to my mom when my son was little and there was something I wasn’t going to be able to do because I needed to do something with my son, and my mom’s advice to me was that I shouldn’t worry about it and just do what I wanted to do because when my kids got older they weren’t going to skip any fun thing for me. That sticks with me because I think that’s a good explanation for how my parents felt about kids. We were the duty, but they never really took the time to enjoy being parents.
      I don’t think I begrudged even one minute of time that I spent with my kids when they were young, I loved spending time with them. It was never a chore for me. I think both of my parents loved us, but they didn’t like or know us until we were much older and they could absolve responsibility. Different generations, different philosophies.

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