One Fish, Two Fish

I noticed that one of the things Facebook thought I might want to “Like” was a Dr Seuss site. I really have no idea why.

My yoga teacher posted a picture on Facebook that had a pithy saying about Joy. I put a comment on it that Joy is one of my favorite words. Someone else replied that this must be why they felt it when they were around me. I thought that was so very nice. I love it when you get unexpected compliments that really seem sincere.

I think Joy is a powerful word. It’s so small but it’s says so much. Joy to me is a big blossoming wonder of emotion that just explodes out of your chest. It’s light and airy and yellow.

One of my other favorite words is Grace. I think when you hear it you immediately get a picture in your head.

Tomorrow is my two year remission anniversary. It’s an odd thought for me. It’s a celebration of two years of life. It’s also one more tick in the statistics box where my odds of continuing in remission go down.

comme ci comme ça





8 thoughts on “One Fish, Two Fish

  1. I read that line about the odds of remission going down and that just hurt my heart. I couldn’t comment when I first read this.

    I am glad you are such a fighter and that you are doing all that you can.

    Joy…hmmm…I don’t know if I have had any for awhile. I might need to work on that. I had a great aunt named Grace. I like both of those for names for girls.

  2. You definitely need to get you some Joy if you haven’t had any for awhile! Fills up your heart.

    I always consider not saying things that probably sound very negative. But there you go.. It’s the way my head works. Counting Up and Counting down.

  3. I think reality is good and it is important to have a handle on what it all means, it keeps a person on their toes so I wouldn’t want you to stop saying things like that but because I care about you it is a tough reminder but like I said I think it is important to know and remember those things. Does that make sense?