Feeling pretty bleck this morning. Headache, nauseated. Just hanging out in my bed and suddenly remember…Forgot to take my chemo steroid premed yesterday.  hmmm, maybe it does have an actual purpose

I love the rotating desktop background on my computer. This morning when I booted up I saw Sean and I at Katy’s wedding. I like this picture.

Since I posted in the morning, especially when I don’t feel good.  Usually that brings out honest and angsty thoughts and posts but I really do not have any today.

I have been enjoying my life. 🙂

I am reading a book called Dirty Genes which is fascinating to me. It talks about specific genes and because I did the 23 & Me testing for both Corey & I the reports of all of our sequencing is available to me. It was interesting to pull the raw data and then start the googling to see what I can actually find. My gene’s are pretty boring I am afraid.

I finally got a copy of the report from my last CT Scan. I kept forgetting to grab a copy. It is nice seeing in black and white. The mass in my right lung after the SBRT and one Kadcyla treatment was half the size it was eight weeks before. The report also mentions even more scarring which fits right in with my recent experiences. I am really fighting with the whole breathing thing sometimes.

I am trying to be better about using all of my inhalers as much as I remember. I know it won’t do anything specific for the scar tissue but as the pulmonologist said “might as well give my lungs all the help I can”.

I think it will be a quiet day today. 

As I was typing all of this I realize I am having trouble with my brain. It doesn’t seem to be able to take me from point A to point B correctly. It is a strange feeling.


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