I was going to start this blog by saying “well, for the first time in a week I don’t have anything to say” but then it occurred to me that I never updated after I got results of the PET Scan yesterday. My days and thoughts seem to be all blurring together. It seems like that happened days ago!

The final results from the biopsy all came in as well. This cancer is a metastasis of the original cancer of 2011. That is not particularly good news but was expected. The PET scan showed that there are tumors in both of my lungs, again not particularly good news, but there is no sign of abnormal activity anywhere else. That is very good news.

Appointment with the New Oncologist next Monday and that’s when all the stuff will really start happening.

Though the really exciting news is that I got on the treadmill yesterday and was finally able to actually run. Walked a bit, ran a half mile, walked a bit, ran a bit. All good.

And for something really different and unimportant…..

Some of you probably know of my love for reality TV.ย  I’m a Survivor, Amazing Race, Big Brother, Biggest Loser junkie. So I was quite interested to start watching Utopia. What a horrible show! I think the reason it’s horrible is explained in how they’ve introduced the people. “All residents of Utopia were chosen for their skills & strong beliefs”. So they picked people with very strong and diverse beliefs which will ensure as much conflict as possible. I will keep watching for awhile to see if it gets better but I won’t be able to watch for too long if they don’t start some better editing. I don’t want to see only the worst in people and that’s all they are currently showing. Sure they show them making up afterward but the way the show presents people is too much like making fun of them for me.

Random Pictures of Family from my assorted pictures Album. All pictures 2 to 4 years old.

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4 thoughts on “Oops

  1. I am relieved to hear that it hasn’t spread beyond your lungs. I am sorry it is in both lungs. I wonder if the breathing difficulty is from the emphysema or the tumors??? That would be weird if the cancer was found because you have emphysema???

    So I am looking at your family pictures…I recognize everyone but the guy in the blue shirt. Is that your son? If so, he looks much different. Wow.

    1. Whatever it is I’m having trouble breathing today! I think it was the shift to the cold. I think that is exactly what happened. I started having extra trouble breathing when it got very cold which was probably due to the emphysema. Yay emphysema?
      That is Corey my stepson in one of the rare times in his life that he spoke to us! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Yes, kind of a weird thought.

    Oh, okay. I didn’t think he looked like your son or son-in-law but I do remember hearing about him in the past.

  3. Nice pics. Not aware of the stepson either!

    I’m glad it hasn’t spread to other parts. I missed this one earlier because I’ve my google plus password issue. I’ve been thinking about you and “it”

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