Our Family History

……….Hey! Where did everybody go?………………………………


My sister and I, and our children, four of them, are the only blood relatives in our little group.

Before us, there was my mom, and my dad.

My dad had a sister, who had a family – we have no idea who or where they are and there is absolutely no other family on my dads side.

My mom had a mother, our grandma, who we grew up with, and a brother who was also in and out.

The brother had four kids who were around when we were very young, then gone. One of them came back around just before my grandma died, and I fould out she lived a couple blocks from us.

My grandma had a brother, and that brother had kids, and I have made contact with the wife of one of the kids. I think that’s right.

This week my sister made contact with the cousin who lived two blocks from me and still lives very close by, and her son. We will go out to dinner this week with her and hopefully figure out what the heck, and make sure we keep her and her son connected somehow so our kids can build a relationship if they want to.

My husband also has no contact with his family.

Must be something weird in our bloodline. I wonder if my husbands family is actually related to us somewhere back there.

Thank goodness for faceook so we can at least build a small family tree.

Today is staples out day for the dog! I am taking Frank too so he can get a manicure. I had a nightmare that I was lost, trying to get to the vet, carrying both of them. If that’s the biggest stress of my week, it is a good week. As of right now, I do not believe I have even ONE doctors appointment this week. I think this may be the first week that this has happened in at least six weeks.

I tried the gym on Saturday, I am unable to sit down without whimpering. You cannot take that long off. You just can’t.



4 thoughts on “Our Family History

  1. Seems like our generation has more tools to find and identify people. It is even possible that blogs such as yours will be available for generations of our lineage to come.

    1. I think about that fairly frequently. My blog would be the great great grandma version of a daily diary. In the 1800’s they recorded details of the day and household. Appointments, sicknesses, money spent.
      I hope that anything I write is available in the future to those who don’t know me or this time period.

  2. My mom had one younger brother who had two daughters. We lost track of each other because there were issues between our parents when my grandma died. Not an unusual occurrence. My dad was an only child. I have 4 brothers and between them I have nine nieces and nephews so Erik and Dave have 9 cousins. My kids aren’t close with any of them despite having grown up together. I know the cousins would love to spend time with them but my kids aren’t interested. That disappoints me. Families are weird.

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