No 10,000 steps for me today! I have such a lump in my calf muscle! I do not know what I did but it is quite painful and when I tried walking on the treadmill it just kept getting worse until it started shooting all the way up into my pelvis. It almost feels like a sciatic nerve if your sciatic nerve went all the way down to your calf.

I have a reflexology session scheduled next Tuesday through The Victory Center. I wish it was today. I will also try Yoga there next Monday morning. There is a Wednesday evening support group that I will try to join sometimes.

hmmm, Yoga. Maybe I’ll try some downward facing dog and hip openers to pull out that calf lump.

Or maybe I’ll just sit here and whine about it and not do anything.

Yeah…that’s what I’ll do!




7 thoughts on “OwOwOwOwOw!!!

  1. That is irritating! Usually I am all for the easiest option out but I would try to stretch it a little lest it get worse.

    How are you feeling overall? Are you still having neuropathy – hands, feet, tongue, and lips?

    1. I am feeling pretty good! It’s week two after the last chemo so I am still in the bloody nose no voice stage but I overall I feel good. No change in the neuropathy. It’s really only very bothersome afternoon and on. Definitely worse if I am using the affected limbs a lot.
      How about you?

    2. I was talking about you today at my initiation to the cancer support center and how much better my life is from meeting you through blogging.

  2. Glad you are feeling well. The bloody nose thing is so weird. I would hate that. The voice thing doesn’t surprise me, at least for me, I can lose my voice at the drop of a hat so I would expect with your bloody nose deal that area might be affected.

    I feel bad about the neuropathy. I suppose since I have experienced it somewhat I have a better understanding, still I think mine is minor compared to yours.

    My menopause emotion thing has really kicked in and I am just a weepy mess but it sort of makes me laugh because it is so stereotypical. I say that because I am probably going to cry while I type this. Silly me. Anyway, I feel really fortunate, lucky to have met you. You are a good friend and you and your words are always a challenge to me in a good way. Just this morning I was contemplating what my life would have been like if we hadn’t met. It wasn’t a good thought. I like who you are, I like how you think and how you live your life. You are funny, you are caring, you are smart, and you are so strong. I only hope that I have been as good a friend to you as you have been to me. Thanks for sharing that with me! You made my day! ๐Ÿ™‚

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