Ozzie writes the songs that tell my story

It’s my crazy time. A couple of things have the ability to set off anxiety in my head and we’re on the cusp of one right now. Sometime next week I will have the first CT Scan since starting the Clinical Trial. This first one should tell us if the medicine is going to work for me, at all. The thought of finding out the last resort type of treatment is working is a little panic inducing. Not that there aren’t other options, there are old standby chemo’s that will probably at least slow things down and they are more clinical trials to try. But this is definitely my best hope, and the least side effects.

Speaking of side effects this neuropathy thing is starting to really piss me off! When I exercise my finger tips get HOT and start hurting bad. Not nice! I am finally making leaps and bounds in my stamina and strength. I have actual muscle again on my arms and I can walk more than 50 feet without getting dizzy. I am getting frustrated with the setbacks.

Missed yoga again this morning. It’s starting in three minutes. Mornings are just too iffy for me.

It was an amazingly beautiful day yesterday. I had a fun lunch with my sister and a Pre-Opening of a restaurant. So free lunch! Yay!

Then I ended up going to the park and I walked for three miles! It was just such a beautiful day that I couldn’t stop walking.  I am planning another park walk this afternoon. I really enjoy the solitude.

I am pretty sure I opened my computer to say something very important…I have no idea what it was.



5 thoughts on “Ozzie writes the songs that tell my story

  1. I can only imagine your anxiety! When you are walking, do u sometimes feel as though u could just walk forever?

  2. Craig and I have been thinking about you and scan. We are both waiting, hoping and thinking the best most positive thoughts.

    That finger neuropathy bites. That must be maddening that you are trying to make your body stronger and then that happens.

    You are in store for more wonderful walking weather. It is gorgeous here today. Your walking area is so pretty. Have fun on your walk today.

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