Pain, Pain, Go away!

Driving to IKEA I told my husband one of my dark moment thoughts. Sometimes I get a bad headache and I just remind myself. It’s just a moment in my life. Or if I am feeling sick from chemo I think I just have to get through and then it will be better. Some days, like today when everything hurts, my joints are all swollen and very painful and the neuropathy in my feet is really getting to a whole new level, the tops of my feet are starting to burn, I will suddenly realize. This is it. This is never going to go away. It’s just going to get worse. It’s like the screach of brakes on blacktop. Sobering thought.

when we were at IKEA I discovered they added big squishy bath mats in the same color as my towels. They must be an inch thick pile. Brought it home, threw it in the bathroom and walked on it. And parts of it felt like melted nylon knobs. I thought maybe something, like super glue had gotten on it, reached down and touched it and discovered it’s incredible soft, it’s just my feet.  🙁 this is bad.


5 thoughts on “Pain, Pain, Go away!

  1. I am sorry about the pain. I don’t have the words to express how sorry I am that you are going through this.

    We have the same Ikea bath mat and Craig and I both feel the sharpness of it. He says he is used to it and doesn’t notice it anymore. It doesn’t bother me as much as it used to either. I have neuropathy on my feet, he does not.

    1. That’s crazy Mary Beth. How can it hurt all of us?
      This neuropathy is really starting to piss me off. The answer is always more drugs,

      1. Because it isn’t a great product. We can’t be the only ones it bothers.

        Neuropathy really is horrible. I am sorry it is getting worse for you.

  2. That sucks. You go through so much, it has to get to you once in awhile. Keeping the emotional balance has to be a feat in itself. But I also think you’re allowed to just feel like shit sometimes too. Sucks and I’m sorry.
    I have GOT to find an Ikea to check out someday. I follow a page where they talk about decorating and they’re always doing Idea hacks. None of them ever look like something I want to do, but just the fact that it’s a thing…..I need to go there and look!

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