Pairing Fire & Bluetooth

Yesterday I got a new Kindle Fire. It is actually a downgrade to a slightly smaller, non HD fire. I just could not take all the little bugs and problems I was having and then suddenly it also would not charge correctly. Kindles are relatively inexpensive luckily.

It is funny when I am looking at things on this new screen and they look slightly different to me, my brain thinks that you are seeing things differently also.

It is kind of overcast and gloomy today. It suits me. I am not gloomy but I have been tired all week. Just tired. I think tired with no reason makes me more nervous than anything else. I really have not been sleeping well for weeks. Waking up every hour or so. I will assume that is why I am tired. As I typed that I remembered I needed to take my morning antibiotic and suddenly thought, maybe that is why I am tired? This week I am taking two different antibiotics for my MAC infection, one 2x a day for my toe infection.. An antibiotic cream on my arm for my burn, and another liquid antibiotic to put on my toe. How could I possibly have any infections anywhere in my body?? I forget sometimes that the chemo drugs are actually strong medicine and do knock my immune system down.

Not being able to eat large amounts of food does not help with my energy level. I had so much food last Friday – Oh My but I was sick for two days. Self control is hard.

Off to start my day.




2 thoughts on “Pairing Fire & Bluetooth

  1. Tired from not sleeping can be a constant thing if you’re not getting good stretches of sleep in at a time. This is my lifes story – or at least one of the chapters. Plus, you probably have some side effects battling with each other. My last non HD kindle had terrible connection and charging issues. Made me crazy for a long time until I upgraded. I did return it and get another with the same exact problems. I think it’s a “thing” with some types of Kindles. Hope you can get some good sleep sometime really soon!

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