Paris – Days 3?4?5? _ I don’t know anymore!

Today is Saturday morning. I have spent the last three days asking what day it is.  Our patterns is to wake up between 8am and 9am and be out of the hotel between 11am and noon, and explore until 7pm – 8pm. We’re asleep by 11pm. I have taken approximately 84,000 steps in the last five days  (I walk 2350 steps per mile do the math on how many miles)  and walked up 195 flights of Stairs. Glad I wore my FitBit!

Today I got up very quietly and left my husband to sleep. He was just exhausted. I hear him moving around so it won’t be long before he’s up. Today will be a slower day. We catch the train for Amsterdam tomorrow afternoon. I don’t want to leave France feeling all panicky about trying to squeeze stuff in so today our only plan is to go to the Musee d’orsay. I will be sad to go, I could stay here in Paris forever. In the last few days we have been:

Père Lachaise Cemetery – AMAZING! I could have spent the entire day here looking at the sculptures and the dates and the glass.
Notre Dame Cathedral – Beautiful. Sadly too dark for good pictures. If you ever come here don’t be intimidated by the lines, it’s very large and you get in very quickly.
Eiffel Tower – So much bigger than I thought! Indescribable
L’Hôtel national des Invalides – The Dome des Invalides – Napoleons Tomb – The grandeur of the tomb is pretty spectacular.




Corey next to the memorial gum tree at Jim Morrisons grave.


I had to stop myself from taking a picture of every single broken stained glass window and wrought iron gates on the crypts.


The artistry and sheer size and age of the cemetery is amazing.

The view from the top of the Eifel Tower looking towards the park where we spent quite a bit of time sitting and taking pictures of the tower from a distance. Looking down from the top at the city it’s amazing how much of it we saw, and how little.


I liked Notre Dame for the same reason I like the cemetery. The age is difficult to wrap your head around when you live in a country born in the 1700’s.


Every spot has some sort of beautiful building behind it or historical landmark. No matter where you stand you see something in the picture. Corey in front of Notre Dame.



Even the ordinary bridges are amazing to see for someone who lives where nothing is preserved.


One of the nicer metro stations. I wish my picture had snapped one second later and gotten the train as it was close and the driver was smiling and giving me a peace sign.


Lances of the knights. 🙂

I thought Napoleons brother Josephs tomb was beautiful.

Now look at the size comparison with Napoleon. Make sure you note the person standing on the lower level right to get a size perspective.



This is when I gave up and just put my feet up for 30 minutes. My poor little legs are swollen!


EDITED to add the Metro Station Picture that magically disappeared.  As retribution I made it twice as big as the others.


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