what a difference a nights sleep makes. Even though it was a very broken nights sleep filled with bizarre dreams including one that had Katy and I on the hunt for a dachshund named Gabe  that had escaped from an old woman’s yard after eating a kitten! She said it was okay because he only ate one a day. 🙁 luckily I could fly over the neighborhood to look for him.

i won’t talk about the death of my friend today except to say I got hit with a case of “survivors” guilt. I suddenly thought about his family looking at me at the memorial and thinking why not her?

Tonight is a fundraiser for Cancer Connection and I know I will be thinking of Steve.

I am going to put together a program on Cancer & Nutrition to give at Cancer Connection as well as one to give as a CEU. Though I do just want to always say, just do what I tell you.

Fight on my Friends






2 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. I wish I was there to give you a great big hug.

    I don’t think Steve’s family will be thinking why not her? And I am really sorry you are feeling survivor’s guilt. Even though I didn’t know Steve I am pretty sure he wouldn’t want you to feel that way.

    I am sorry – I know this must be a very difficult time. I love you.

    What does CEU stand for?

    1. Thanks, I am better about it today. 🙂
      CEU stands for continuing education unit. Credits for renewing different licenses and certifications.


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